Wire-cut EDM

With the help of our wire-eroding technology, we can separate all conductive materials, regardless of their hardness (e.g. hard chrome plated). Extremely narrow cutting widths can be achieved, even when the material is very thick. The resulting contours are sharp-edged and meet the highest demands in terms of shape and dimensional accuracy.

You can access our current machine list here.

Example 1

Fuel nozzle endcap

This is an engine component manufactured from a nickel alloy which can withstand extremely high temperatures. The component was machined entirely on one of our CNC lathes. Afterwards, the slits were wire eroded on our wire-cut EDM machine.

Example 2

Clamping sleeve

This complex component is part of an automation system and has gone through the following process: (1) CNC turning, (2) Vacuum hardening and (3) CNC grinding (cone). The inner polygon and slits were made with our wire-cut EDM machine.