Our machine shop has advanced CNC-controlled machine technology with driven tools, a Y axis and bar processing machinery. By working with a sub-spindle, we can manufacture complex parts in a single set-up.

Conventional machining options are also available for manufacturing individual components and for special orders.

You can access our current machine list here.

Example 1

Rod end

This is a component for the emergency slide trigger mechanism of the Airbus series. The bore has a tolerance of 12 µm and is honed; the shaft is also hard chrome plated and polished round.

Example 2

Eccentric bolt

The eccentric bolt is a bolt bearing for the cargo doors of the Airbus series. The component is manufactured entirely on one of our turning centres, including the fine toothing. The position of the eccentric to the centre axis is tolerated with 0.03 mm. All 3 diameters are hard chrome plated and polished round.