Quality assurance

In order to be able to meet the high quality demands of our customers at all times, we have implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system to monitor our manufacturing processes.

In addition to using conventional hand-held instruments in the context of worker self-monitoring, specially trained staff perform worker-independent quality monitoring in our air-conditioned micro-inspection room. This helps us ensure that errors are detected in time and that no component which does not meet the requirements of our customers is shipped.

Of course we can document and substanitate the results of all measurements through test reports (e.g. about inspections of initial samples and factory floor checks) at the customer’s request.

We use the following specialised measurement techniques:

  • 3D coordinate measurement (tactile and visual)
  • Form measurement systems (shape and position tolerances)
  • Coating thickness measurement
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (DIN EN 4179)
  • Crack-Testing according  to the Magnetic Particle Method (DIN EN 4179)

You can access our current machine list here.