With our state-of-the-art precision grinding machines, we can produce the finest finishes and ensure the extremely high accuracy of components’ dimensions and geometric shapes. Another advantage over other types of grinding machines is the good machinability of hardened and hard-coated materials.

Our currently available grinding technologies:

  • Cylindrical grinding: conventional and CNC-controlled, profile and shapes (e.g. polygon, eccentric, irregular), inside and outside, contour grinding, profile grinding and angular in-feed grinding
  • Surface and profile grinding: conventional and CNC-controlled, with 4th NC-axis, pendulum and creepfeed grinding
  • Centreless grinding: through-feed and in-feed
  • Thread grinding
  • Jig grinding
  • Lapping: single and double-disc

You can access our current machine list here.

Example 1

Coupling unit

This component is used in mechanical engineering. The inner and outer polygons are cut on our CNC cylindrical grinding machines. The polygon connection ensures optimum power transmission.

Example 2


This aviation component goes through a regular repair cycle. The steps of the process are as follows: (1) Dechroming, (2) Pre-grinding the outer diameter, (3) Magnetic crack detection to aeronautical specifications, (4) Chrome plating, (5) Final grinding of the outer diameter and (6) Finishing. Customer requirements state that the cycle time may not exceed 10 calendar days.

Example 3


We manufacture this socket for the grinding wheel dressing industry. Its shape and position tolerances are 0.002 mm. In order to meet these exacting tolerances, various different workflows need to be exactly adhered to and coordinated (e.g. pre-grinding inner and outer surfaces, final grinding).